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Dr. Khanna is the best surgeon I've ever met. As a matter of fact, the amazing work he has done to enhance my wife's physical appearance leaves me astounded. It's hard to believe she's the same woman. I always thank God and Dr. Khanna for the job well done.


I am Dr. Anil Thakur, Ex-Professor from Rohtak who has received fabulous results from your 'Baal Ugaao' Programme. It's good to know that you are also visiting New Delhi now.

Wishes and Regards,
Dr. Anil Thakur
Associate Professor,
Anaesthesiology & Critical Care,

The first 2 months since I got my hair transplant are over. I am anticipating some improvement in the frontal region.The scar at the back has healed well and the scalp laxicity has been restored.

Since I already had 4 sessions in your clinic totalling 4000+ F.U.Gs, if need arises in the future, can I go for FUT in future or do I have to switch to FUE/BHT?It is evident that my donor density is not great.And my belated congratulations to you on being appointed AHRS president.

Your Happy Patient/Well Wisher.

My brother Shiva Iyergot a hair transplant from you last May. He is very satisfied with the results and recommends I also undergo the same procedure. I was wondering if I can also utilize your services for the same. Like Shiva, even I live in the US; and I am only in a position to visit Kolkata for a day, so please let me know if it is possible and how much it would cost. I look forward to hearing from you,

Many thanks and regards,
Vishwanath Chidambaram

The hair on my headwas in terrible shape before I met youand your team way back in 2005.Now I am a confident person in this highly competitive corporate world. You have provided me with full coverage (with minimum grafts). Thanks a lot,Sir.


My name is SaptarshiMandal and I have got my hair transplantation done by you last year. The result is good and I want to go for it a second time. Currently I am not in Kolkata, but I am planning to go home around 13-14th December. Is it possible to take a date between 17-22nd December in Kolkata?

Thanking you,

My name is Afeefa. I am a hairstylist operatingout of Mumbai. Mr.Mohinder Amarnath who is a client of mine recommendedyour name. My brother SimacKonkader has had his hair transplant done by youand is extremely happy. As a hairstylist, I have a lot of queries fromclients about hair transplants which I direct to you.

This time a client asked me if there wasanything he could do about his eyelashes being sparse. As a child, he had thehabit of plucking his eyelashes and as a result, it is very scant. I told him Iwould enquire and revert. Please help. Thanking you in advance.


As I mentioned on the phone a little while ago, I have been a patient of yours and had got a satisfying hair transplant done 2 years ago (Sept 2009). I am originally from Kolkata but live in Mumbai at present. My earlier transplant was in the front of the head on both sides, and now I want to get a transplant done on the middle and back.

I will be in Kolkata from 25th Oct to 30th October. I request you for a transplant during that time - if possible on the 27th or 28th. I could come on the first day to consult you on the number of hair units required and then on the next day, get the transplant performed.

I fully realise how busy you are and that your dates are booked many months in advance. However I request you to kindly accommodate my request. I have been wanting to get this done for quite some time now, but unfortunately I travel so much (out of India) and my work life is so hectic that I seldom get leaves to get such a procedure done. Last week of October is a great opportunity for me, but I also realise that it is the Diwali week - a busy time for you but I am hoping for the best.


Yes, thank you again. I'm quite satisfied with the treatment and am happily able to recommend your clinic to all! There's quite a difference from the time before my surgery and now, particularly on the hairline, which is most pleasing. Yes, am in Kuala Lumpur. Do let me know if you're going to be here. Kolkata is one of my favourite places. I look forward to visiting again.

Best regards,

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