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Hair transplantation is one of the most preferable cosmetic surgeries that people go for now a days. Old age brings with it various problems which if not dealt with on time can leave one demotivated and disappointed. Today, hair loss has become a persistent problem that people of all age groups are confronting owing to the changes in lifestyle and climatic conditions of the country. The procedure is painless and pocket-friendly. The best transplant techniques give effective and satisfactory results.


There can be various reasons for a person suffering from baldness or hair loss. Heredity, infections, improper diet are a few causes that contribute immensely towards hair loss. However androgenic alopecia is considered as the main cause behind substantial hair loss. The problem can be cured by either surgery or through medication. Medicines can only tackle the initial stages of hair fall i.e. from stage one to stage four and for this procedure to be successful, it's crucial that patients take these medicines regularly. Hair fall above 4th stage to 7th stage, indicates the need for hair transplantation. It is the permanent and most effective solution to this problem and does not require any maintenance or further investment. Dr. Manoj Khanna provides 4 types of treatment for hair fall, viz. hair transplantation, mesotherapy, medication and PRP treatment

Follicular Unit Transplantation

Hair transplant is conducted using the two modern techniques like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and if needed, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). While FUT is touted to be the most adequate treatment across the world, FUE is used only for cases that require the same. The procedure is conducted by giving local anesthesia to patients. Hair with follicles is taken from the scalp. Post this, the area that has no hair is stitched. The stitch is removed after the 10th day. In order to conceal the scar and kick start the growth of hair from that particular area, a trichophytic closure is used. After a period of 3 to 6 months, the scar becomes almost invisible. The hair transplant treatment takes 6 to 8 hours to complete. A team of 8 to 10 people carry out the procedure.

Follicular Unit Extraction

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