Why Hair Transplant Surgery is gaining mileage in India?

Hair Transplant is becoming a popular resort to preventing baldness and a loss of confidence when making public appearances. A shiny crop of hair has often been known to attract attention and cut back a person’s real age by a few years. In an era where everyone is worried about perception and how to ‘fit in’, one is willing to invest significantly in to maintaining a well-groomed and young look which is not always possible with natural remedies. Hair Transplant Surgery is therefore gaining steady mileage as a safe, reliable and permanent solution to effective hair regeneration. Under the supervision of experienced doctors and reputed clinics, it is no longer something to be afraid of or seen as a super-expensive proposition.

Early signs of hair loss include thinning on different areas of the scalp for different people. It affects men more severely than women with bald patches of hair making the person age visibly. With the modern lives we lead, men and women across ages are experiencing hair loss problems in different degrees due to stress, hormonal imbalances, irregular diet, harsh medication, pregnancy in women, lack of nutrition, too much chemical treatment on hair or faulty genes. Effective hair transplant treatment in India involves two popular techniques called Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT and Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE that are resolving the hair loss issue for thousands of satisfied customers every day.

These innovative surgeries have the ability to replicate natural hair growth and are uncomplicated and hassle-free for patients undergoing them. They do not require too much post-treatment precautions and help hair grow naturally post-surgery without being invasive. Dr Manoj Khanna is a certified hair transplant surgeon in India who has helped countless people regain their youthful charm with successful hair restoration. The recovery time is so fast and the surgery so flawless that patients have recommended him to several others, leading to building a robust reputation for his expert flourish when it comes to hair transplant surgery.

While FUT is the conventional strip transplant method involving removal of a skin strip of healthy follicular hair units from the anesthetized head, FUE involves plucking of hair follicles one by one by using a punching device from the sedative donor area. In the FUT method, the sides or back of the head with healthy growth serve as permanent donor zone. A microscope dissection method is used to separate individual follicular unit grafts. Dissected follicular grafts are restored into the bald areas. In the FUE method, hair follicles are subsequently inserted into the tiny recipient holes

One must consult with the doctor before opting for either type of surgery through a careful examination of the donor and recipient areas. A number of sittings may be needed for the surgery to show successful signs of hair growth and before the entire head is covered with a thick mane. The Hair Transplant cost is often perceived to be higher than what the average customer can afford but the truth is, given the competitive market, several clinics do offer prices that are affordable and within range of the commoner. Whatever a person’s decision may be, one has to be sure that he/she wishes to make this investment well before the surgery.

Post-surgery, one must abide by the precautions that the doctor may prescribe like avoiding too much physical strain, treating the scars and avoiding alcohol and spicy food in one’s diet which could affect the blood supply to the head.

Proper care during and after the treatment can ensure fabulous results of the hair transplant surgery in the long run and prove to be a boon for the person undergoing it!

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