Scalp Rejuvenation Treatment for regrowth of hair

Enhance Clinics offers scalp rejuvenation- a treatment that patients usually undertake for regrowth of hair. The Scalp Rejuvenation procedure ensures good maintenance of the hair, higher density and lesser hair loss. The expert team of doctors at Enhance check the patient’s scalp and accordingly go ahead with the procedure.

During the procedure, the patient’s blood is used to avoid any hypersensitivity or allergy. The treatment usually lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. As the blood comprises platelets that trigger the growth, hence, the use of blood in this procedure ensures that the cells get rejuvenated and activated. Scalp Rejuvenation is better than fillers in which a synthetic substance is used that can be harmful to the patients. The use of blood helps in the growth of blood vessels and new collagen softens and plumps fine lines making the person look young. The blood used for the procedure is collected properly and then injected back into the body.

The results of scalp rejuvenation treatment are visible within 3 months, after the procedure has started. The treatment can be given at an interval of three to four months for best results.

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