Harsha Bhogle hair transplant

Harsha Bhogle, a popular TV cricket commentator underwent a hair transplant from Enhance Clinics and was quite happy with the exemplary results of the procedure. Since, he is into a profession that demands pleasant looks besides talent; he thought it necessary to get rid of his bald patch. The success of the surgery considerably improved his appearance so as to make a presentable impression every time he faced the camera.

Dr. Manoj Khanna and his vast experience in this domain, was instrumental in delivering the best results for Harsha Bhogle. The main reason why popular personalities prefer such treatments is to improve their looks from time to time and make a statement with their flawless appearance. As hair loss is a critical problem and can undermine the confidence and health of a person, maintaining the hair has become an important part of one’s lifestyle today.

Dr. Manoj Khanna is a renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeon and has conducted over 4800 successful hair transplants till date. Out of this, the maximum number of transplants has been for popular cricket personalities. His expertise has made Enhance Clinics, one of the most-preferred destinations for hair transplant.

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