Hair Transplant: A Permanent and Natural-Looking Hair Solution

If you’re struggling through a heavy hair fall or hair loss situation, or passionately looking for a lasting solution to treat the same, hair transplant is sure the resort. It is the only wide prevalent solution to give you perpetual and natural-looking hair.
This insignificantly invasive surgery involves a surgeon to weave healthy hair on your scalp to the area with weakening hair. Today, with the advancement in science and technology, it’s become possible to have natural-looking solutions to treat baldness.
Benefits of hair transplant eradicate the un-natural (doll-like) hair that we used to see in the 70s and 80s. In that era, hair plugs (called as hair sections) were placed in the thinning area, but with time these hair plugs turn out to be evident and noticeable.
Considering the Success Rate, these advances have gained the much due momentum and recognition over the recent past, thanks to its immense results. It offers such natural looks that not even a barber or a hairstylist can discover that you’ve undergone any form of hair treatment.
But yes, the utmost results depend (vitally) on the surgeon you choose. You should reach out to a professional who understands hair loss and performs a hair transplant on regular terms. He must be aware of the treatment with the attributable back of knowledge and experience. Hence, he can determine whether you can undergo hair transplant treatment or not.
Anyone, including men and women, can be reckoned as right candidates for a hair transplant. Primarily, you need to take two things into consideration. Firstly, you must have required healthy hair on your scalp that can be transplanted to the area with lesser or no hair. Secondly, there must be due strength to grow hair on the thinning area of your scalp.
Dr. Manoj Khanna, a renowned cosmetic surgeon from Kolkata (India), is known for his in-depth research and study in the field. His words of wisdom assist his patients to make up the right decision, examining several factors. A hair transplant surgery, generally, takes around four to eight hours. A minimal dose of anesthesia is extended to make the scalp numb while the patients remain conscious and awake during the entire surgery. Once it is done, the scalp is bandaged and instructions are provided for at-home care.
Also, if you’re facing hair loss in your 20s, it is strongly advised to treat it with a hair loss medicine first before moving to a hair transplant. To keep a check why you have hair loss, you can go for a blood test. It will examine and display the causes of hair loss.
Keep these suggestions in mind, while you think for a hair transplant treatment.

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