The Cost Of A Hair Transplant Is The Lowest In India

Indian men and the history of premature balding is a worrying reality. Sadly, most people who are confronted with bald patches or a receding hairline resort to all kinds of home remedies and quack products that offer little help. This is where it pays to know that there is a reliable, safe and inexpensive solution – a hair transplant.

A common misconception about a hair transplant cost in India is that it’s too costly. This deters a lot of patients from considering one. However, if one does a quick math, it will ring home why a hair transplant is really worth it. The cost of hair transplant for a single strand of hair at international clinics is 5 $ (meaning approx. Rs 300). However, Enhance Clinics (a pan-India specialist in cosmetic dermatology and hair transplants) charges Rs 100. The price of a hair transplant in general begins at Rs 65,000. Doctors at the clinic charge anything between Rs 30 and 70. Even though the exact, total cost will depend on the amount of hair to be transplanted, the follicles required, the procedure picked and the operating surgeon, it will be way less than what it’d cost in any other part of the world. The techniques used for hair transplant at Enhance Clinics are best-in-class and offer effective results.

The procedure itself is fairly simple and offers exceptional results. Post the surgery, the patient’s hair will look natural and fuller – both adding to the person’s confidence levels. The procedure will also be carried out by experts who not only have solid credentials but also a host of well-known customers who can vouch for their expertise.

Dr. Manoj Khanna – Best Hair Transplant Surgeons of the Country

Enhance Clinics is the best bet in the country for anyone wanting to get back their naturally thick hair. And the clinic’s able transplant expert Dr Manoj Khanna, with over 20 years of experience and the history of having conducted 4,800 successful transplants, makes this possible along with his team of reputed and proficient doctors. With its pan-India presence, the brand has established itself as the leading solution provider for all hair, aesthetic and skin-related services. Undoubtedly, the quality of hair transplant here is par excellence.

If you are looking for Best hair transplant in Kolkata, Delhi India.. feel free to contact Dr. Manoj khanna.

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