Hair Transplant – A Life Altering Experience

The culprits for premature blading and acute hair loss are many. Even though it can be damaging for one’s self-esteem, people put off treatment until they’re faced with an irreversible solution. After giving a half-hearted attempt to home remedies suggested by family and friends, they often realise that the solution may not be that simplistic and might even require expert attention. This means that by the time the root cause can be addressed, it’s sometimes too late to make up for lost time and guarantee that youthful mop that people once took for granted.

Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

To cut through the ambiguity that surrounds popular hair-growth products and quack treatments, one particular procedure has emerged as a full-proof answer – a hair transplant. The key lies in not dismissing it as “costly” or “too cumbersome”. A quick lowdown on facts can enable the patient to take the correct decision (and enjoy the benefits soon after). First, it helps to know that India is brimming with clinics that offer exceptional results and charge much lower than what doctors across the world would charge for an expert and specialised procedure such as this. In some clinics, the cost of a hair transplant actually begins from Rs. 65,000. Yes, the exact charge depends on a lot of factors such as the amount of hair to be transplantated, the follicles required, the qualification of the surgeon and the like, but rest assured that the total expense will be way less than any developed nation can offer.

Before opting for a transplant though, it is important that a patient does a thorough research in terms of which clinic to opt for, which surgeon to consult, whose feedback to consider and what to expect post-surgery. In this regard, remember, a clinic that handholds the patient before, during and after the treatment is the one that deserves to be picked. So, pre-transplant counselling and post-surgery advice can really make a world of difference in easing the patient into the procedure. Another important consideration is the panel of surgeons who have tied up with a clinic. Their credentials and understanding of the cases determines if they have the capability to tackle a hair transplant and offer satisfactory results. If a particular surgeon’s patients rave about his work, there’s reason enough to rely on him than someone who’s new and just starting out. These considerations will eventually decide the kind of service and assistance you can expect while you embark on this life-changing journey.

Apart from the above, make sure the clinic you sign up with adheres to strict standards of quality, safety and hygiene. Know that typically, a hair transplant will not require hospital stay and will be carried out under general anaesthesia. This makes it a relatively discomfort-free process. Also, ask about the clinic’s infrastructure and feel free to ask them for an expalination on the method they will use to address your specific concerns. Keep in mind the cost aspect and then, just leave it up to the doctor to get you back your lost confidence with healthy, natural-looking hair.

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