Hair Graft Anchoring – Recovering from hair transplant surgery

Hair shedding is not always an alarming sign as it is a part of our body cycle to shed hair. We commonly lose about 50-100 hairs a day. But it is also extremely important that we are able to differentiate between normal shedding and the post-operative shedding of the transplanted hair grafts. If you have had your procedure done from one of the best hair transplant clinics, you need not to worry about any unusual shedding.

How normal hair sheds

There is a normal cycle of hair growth of which shedding is a crucial part, these stages areanagen, catagen and telogen. This cycle, however isn’t in the most uniform ways unlike other body routine cycles.Absolutely randomly, a varying number of hairs can be falling out in one cycle without any uniformity.

  • Anagen phase is also known as the Active phase of hair that lasts for about 2-6 years. During this phase, a growth of about 1cm can be noticed every month.
  • The Catagenphase is also known as the Transitional phase that stays lasts 2-3 weeks. About 3% of our hair are any point of time are in the Catagen phase.During this phase, the follicle stops producing hair.
  • The Telogen phase, also known as the Resting phase, is when we witness most of the shedding. About 6-8% of our hair are in this phase, which approximately stays there for 100 days. During this time, we witness as many as 50-100 hairs being shed.

Post-Operative Shedding of Transplanted Hair Grafts and Existing Hair

Everyone wants to have a full head of hair, but when we lose them, we do enough research for hair grafting and look for clinics which offer low cost hair transplant in Delhi. Soon, they settle for a hair transplant clinic and undergo the procedure. But after the surgery is completed, some patients often report continued hair shedding right after the transplant is done. This is when they have doubts and questions in their mind – is the transplant done rightly? Are the new hair grafts planted correctly or not? So on and so forth. It is important to note that hair shedding after a hair transplant is absolutely normal. This is our body’s way of reacting to a trauma (the hair transplant procedure).

A hair transplant procedure can be defines as the re-alignment of genetically resistant hairs from the donor area (back of the head) to the areas of baldness. Tiny openings are created to place the individual grafts. Regardless of which technique is followed, can be traumatic to our body, which results in the temporary shedding of existing hair. But it doesn’t mean that the planted hair grafts will go waste, as only the existing hair will fall off the follicle.

Shedding of hair grafts will be witnessed form week 1 to week 5 after the hair transplant procedure. For some patients, the question arises that despite selecting probably the best clinic for hair transplant in Delhi, if they still continue to lose hair then what is the use of it? But it must be kept in mind that “shock loss” is a normal part of the hair restoration process and is doesn’t indicate permanent damage to the hair follicles. New hairs will take time to mature and will grow in subsequent months.

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