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FUT involves the removal of a strip of superficial layers of hair bearing scalp from the back and sides of the head – donor area. The strip is dissected into fine follicular units with the help of stereo microscopes and is transplanted on to the bald area- recipient area.

The main advantage of this method is to cover wider areas as it gives scope for obtaining more no. of follicles in a single session. If the donor area permits, one can transplant even up to 5000 follicular units in a single session. Centres that use stereo microscopes and mantis microscopes and also incorporate four hook method of dissection (open method) will have lesser chance of follicle wastage (transection).

Although this method leaves a scar in the donor area, by virtue of the latest advancements in the technology, this can be minimized by a technique called tricophytic closure. Many Indians by nature tend to develop little thicker & wider scars when compared to western people. Dr Manoj Khanna has developed a technique of suturing by which he tries to minimize the scar using his expertise. This method helps in making the scar almost invisible after some time and even new hair growth is seen through it in most of the patients.

FUE and FUT Hair Transplant Surgery in Mumbai

FUE is not a solution for rectifying wide bald areas like Norwood VI or even IV. It is rather a good option for rectifying or covering smaller areas.

This method involves extracting single follicular units from the back portion of the scalp (donor area) and transplanting them on to the bald area (recipient area). These follicles should only be extracted from the permanent hair bearing zone. Follicles which are extracted very near to the crown or nape of neck may lead to baldness if the donor area is still susceptible for balding.

We follow Follicular Unit Extraction. As we use very small sized punches, the wound heals without much disfigurement. In general, the FUE method is the most preferred method worldwide as it yields more number of grafts which helps to cover a wider bald area in a session. Dr Manoj Khanna has been practicing such advanced techniques in hair restoration and has achieved very good results by the FUE method.

Most of the transplanted patients benefit the most with the FUE Hair Transplant method in terms of results, coverage and even cost. In most cases, it is the least tedious to the patient and the doctor as well.

FUT Hair Transplant (Strip) is the most straight, simple and effective method for covering larger bald areas. With this, in a single session we can implant more number of grafts, sometimes amounting to almost 5000 follicles. Even though this method leaves a scar behind, nowadays, we are adapting more effective scar minimizing techniques which aid in minimizing the scar to the maximum possible extent. One need not worry about blood loss and pain as the Strip method involves very negligible amount of pain and blood loss. Furthermore, it is more comfortable and simpler than FUE.

In the strip method, the donor area need not be shaved and as a result of this, there will be no disfigurement as this area will be covered by the existing hair. It is the only and the best method for minimizing bigger areas of baldness. To conduct this procedure, a lot of infrastructure and many skilled technicians are required. Cost wise also, it is less expensive.

FUE even though it appears simple, is more tedious to the patient and also to the surgeon. It is meant for smaller areas of baldness. On an average, most of the surgeons in the world can implant between 500-1500 follicles only. There will be disfigurement in the donor area as the donor hair will be shaved so as to extract more no. of Follicles. In order to get the required no. of follicles, one has to repeatedly undergo the procedure. This procedure is advocated by those who cannot have sufficient infrastructure and technicians to conduct the strip method. Those who have infrastructure to do the strip method however, can also perform FUE because the Infrastructure needed is the same

FUE depends on the surgeon’s skill and if the skill is not sufficient, there are higher chances of wastage of grafts. The skill largely varies from person to person. Don’t take it as granted that all FUEs are the same, follicle wastage is more during extraction through FUE when compared to FUT and that survival rate can be less. Some companies claim that they are directly implanting but may not implant hundreds of follicles and even most of them follow FUE eventually.

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