Hair transplant FUE- Highest density ever achieved in Mumbai, India

Hair Transplant at Enhance Clinics

Hair transplant or Hair Restoration is a scientific procedure in which we take out individual hair follicles from the fertile part of scalp (mostly the back of the head) and implant it on to the bald area. In more general terms, the fertile part from which hair follicles are taken is known as the donor site while the area where the hair follicles are put for re-growth is called the recipient site.
Hair transplantation, though being a selective surgical procedure, has started to attract more and more patients and turned up the momentum from the last few decades. The rise of technology and betterment of surgical equipment has unarguably contributed heavily towards the advancement since patients feel that they are completely safe and welcome fruitful results with both hands. The present hair transplantation techniques ensure that the patient gets a completely natural look just like their existing hair along with longevity.

Enhance Clinics’ Hair Transplant surgeon in Mumbai makes best use of his/her skills relocate the hair follicles from an area of high density to an areas where hair thinning or complete baldness exists. Thus, setting the right balance of hair density all over the head and the result is a naturally healthy hair look.

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE(Follicular unit extraction) is the latest hair transplant surgical procedure used extensively by surgeons. As compared to the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) procedure, it does not leave any post-surgical scars on the donor area. Every center of Enhance Clinic has a specialist FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai. Despite the significant benefit from FUT, FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai doesn’t vary significantly. Apart from the no-scar benefits, FUE is also considered to be a better and more refined technique because of the speed with which the surgeons can perform the procedure and the recovery period is also faster as compared to the strip surgery.

Follicular unit extraction technique gives the patient an extremely natural looking hair line with unmatchable hair density. At Enhance Clinics, our FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai has achieved the highest density in the city and continues to provide next-level results to clients.Most of our clients have complimented that as soon as the results start showing up, the FUE feels more special since the procedure almost undetectable making the client feel as if he never faced baldness.

Highest Density Achieved

On an average, human scalp contains about 100,000 hair follicles on the whole head. In case of baldness, 50% of the hair follicles are already lost. The scalp which has not witnessed hair loss bears about 80-100 follicular units per square cm, though this density may further vary in different people.

At Enhance Clinics, we can hide the client’s baldness in single sitting, with maximum density possible depending on the level of baldness. Our specialist hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai, can plant 30-40 follicular units per square centimeter, which is high as compare to other surgeons in Mumbai. Despite the stupendous results, our FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai suits an average man’s pocket. We also offer EMI services to help patients undergo the procedure without compromising on results because of cost factors. In multiple sittings, our surgeons have achieved a meticulous number of 60-70 hair follicles per square centimeter which speaks about our success as a brand itself.

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