Celebrity Hair Transplant

Enhance Clinics is the leading solution provider for all hair, aesthetic and skin-related services. Under the expertise of Dr. Manoj Khanna, who is a renowned cosmetic, plastic and hair transplant surgeon in India, the clinic has garnered immense popularity in the country. At Enhance Clinics, the quality of hair transplant is unparalleled, and hence, many well-known celebrities prefer to undertake treatment over here.

The who’s who from the world of cricket like Arun Lal, Roger Binny, Sourav Ganguly and famous actors like Arjun Chakraborty, Rituparna Sengupta, Mimoh Chakraborty and Parmeet Sethi to name a few, have got their hair transplants done from Enhance. Since hair loss is a common problem that people face once old age sets in, hair transplant has become a perfect solution for this. Expert and well-trained surgeons at Enhance, the wallet-friendly cost of this treatment and the fact that the procedure is not painful, are the main reasons why many popular celebrities from various fields are opting for hair transplant to rejuvenate the look of their hair.

The techniques used for Hair Transplant at Enhance Clinics are best-in-class and give effective results. Falling of hair is something that is natural and cannot be avoided and both men and women confront this problem once they start aging. The reasons can be anything from heredity, unhealthy lifestyle or infections. There are two ways in which this treatment is executed at Enhance, namely, surgery and medication. Hair transplant provides a permanent and long-lasting solution to the problem of hair-loss or baldness. This is the main reason why everyone from celebrities to the normal public is going for this treatment to maintain healthy hair.

if you are looking for best hair transplant in Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Mumabi, India. Feel free to contact Dr. Manoj Khanna.

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