All You Wanted To Know About A Hair Transplant An interview with Dr. Manoj Khanna regarding Hair transplant Surgery

Dr. Manoj Khanna – Hair Transplant Surgeon

Lifestyle choices, hormonal imbalance and stress are inevitable in today’s life. This makes hair fall and partial balding a reality that we have to reckon with quite early on in our lives. Offering to shed light on one of the most popular, effective and long-lasting solutions, a hair transplant, is Dr Manoj Khanna, who is an expert in the field. Dr Khanna is the Founder and Chairman, Enhance Clinics, who has 20 years of experience, having successfully conducted 4,800 hair transplants till date. He is a renowned hair transplant surgeon and cosmetic surgeon whose services have been sought by many well-known personalities. Here, he answers some FAQs about getting a hair transplant procedure in India.

Q. What does a hair transplant do?

A. It’s one of the best ways to get back the hair that you once associated with your youth. As for the procedure, a hair transplant universally, is performed using two methods – FUT hair transplant and FUE hair transplant. FUT, also known as the strip method, involves taking a strip of skin from the back of the head, depending on the number of follicles required. The remaining gap is stitched together using the trichophytic closure method, leaving behind a very faint scar. The strip that has been removed is then cut into individual follicles, which are implanted into the bald areas.
The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia. Depending on the number of follicles, the surgery can take 2-6 hours. The patient undergoing the treatment can even watch TV or work simultaneously. Patients are discharged soon after the procedure is complete. In one sitting, 7,000-8,500 follicle grafts can be transplanted. Within a six-month interval, a person can get 4-5 sittings. There is no hospital stay following this and the patient can resume everyday activities from the very instant the procedure is complete.

Q. How long does it take before a patient can see visible results of the surgery?

A. Some of the transplanted hair will fall out 3-4 weeks following the surgery. The hair will start to re-grow 3 months later, and the final outcome can be seen 6-8 months after the operation. The hair that is transplanted is permanent and can be coloured, dyed and styled. Even if shaved off, it will grow back.

Q. Is it expensive to get a hair transplant?

A. A common misconception is that it’s cheaper to get a hair transplant abroad. The truth is the exact opposite. The cost of hair transplant for a single strand of hair at international clinics is 5 $ (meaning approx. Rs 300). However, Enhance Clinics (a pan-India specialist in cosmetic dermatology and hair transplants) charges Rs 100. The price of a hair transplant in general begins at Rs 65,000. Doctors at the clinic charge anything between Rs 30 and 70. Even though the exact cost will depend on the amount of hair to be transplanted, the follicles required, the procedure and the operating surgeon, it will be way less than what it’d cost in any other part of the world.

Q. Are there any public figures who’ve undergone a hair transplant?

A. Yes. There are many cricketers and TV stars who have been able to find their place back in the limelight thanks to a successful hair transplant. The who’s who of the world of cricket such as Arun Lal, Roger Binny, Sourav Ganguly and famous actors like Arjun Chakraborty, Rituparna Sengupta, Mimoh Chakraborty and Parmeet Sethi are a few who’ve got hair transplants done from Enhance and are happy with the results.

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