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Losing hair can be a harrowing experience. Especially if it continues without any respite and refuses to respond favourably to topical medication, supplements, dietary changes and other popular remedies. In most cases, when a person first notices a patch with scant hair, they run to tried and tested home remedies. However, often, these fail because of their inability to address the root cause. Some patients who are desperate for a solution also opt for long-term homeopathic courses that might have helped a friend or a distant relative. While cases where homeopathic medication has worked are not unheard of, the search still continues for a more lasting, reliable, safe and fail-proof solution.

This is where nothing rivals the results offered by a successful hair transplant. The cost effectiveness of the treatment along with the fact that it’s painless and requires no hospitalisation add to its many advantages over less trustworthy methods. It’s popularity can be gauged from the number of film stars, A grade celebrities, media personalities and cricketers who vouch for the treatment that’s put them in the hands of some the best surgeons in the field.

The careful selection of the hair transplant clinic in Delhi or Mumbai and an in-depth counselling session with the treating surgeon are integral to the results of a transplant. In most cases, a pre-surgery appointment will help the surgeon understand the patient’s expectations along with giving the patient a realistic idea of what to expect after the transplant. At this stage, a patient will also be able to clarify his/her doubts and get a clear idea of what the procedure entails, the cost involved, what precautions are to be carried out and how to maintain new hair growth. This will not only ease him/her into the process but give a clear picture of what is and is not possible. A qualified and experienced surgeon will usually handhold the patient right to the post-surgery care which means prescribing a diet and highlighting a fitness regime once the transplant is complete.

Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi

The skill and technique used by various hair transplant surgeons differ. So, often it’s a good idea to consult people who’ve availed of restorative hair treatments in Delhi and Mumbai to get a realistic idea of which surgeon can best address a particular need. The results produced also vary from surgeon to surgeon. By reading testimonials and looking at before-after photos of the cases a surgeon might have handled, one can get a better idea about his/her expertise and skill. The idea is to re-create the most natural hairline – the science has indeed evolved from the days a transplant produced a “corn row” kind of effect that stuck out like a sore thumb and looked obviously unreal.

The facility to pick a world-class clinic that boasts best-in-class infrastructure further makes it easy for a patient to now rely on a transplant. The industry has evolved and the availability of professional guidance has indeed played a part in popularising this once-dreaded procedure.

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