Target Hair Loss – Find A Solution That Works Best

Our hectic lives, stress, unhealthy diet and hormonal imbalances can lead to a host of lifestyle disorders – hair loss being a common concern. There are ways to catch it early and nip the problem in the bud by zeroing in on the solution that’s just right for you. There are two ways to tackle a receding hairline and even deal with unsightly bald patches – surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments. Opting for a Hair Transplant might not be an easy decision for many and it’s also not what experts would suggest at the very onset.

Surgeons, homeopaths and doctors all agree that a healthy mane reflects a healthy body. So, many advice patients to get tested for nutritional deficiencies so a corrective course can be initiated by altering the person’s everyday diet. Sometimes, the underlying cause can also be pent-up negative emotions, stress, hormonal imbalance, ongoing medication, excessive use of hair products and scalp infections. For instance, if the person’s body is found lacking in magnesium, magnesium supplements and mineral-rich foods might be recommended. Along with this, foods such as mushrooms, pumpkin seeds and whole grains might also be advised if the cause of hair fall is a zinc deficiency. A daily diet rich in iron and protein sources in general goes a long way in boosting hair growth. In short, whatever the root cause, a patient needs to consult the doctor to brief him/her on the expectations from the treatment and get a realistic idea of the results.

A long-term homeopathy course is fast gaining popularity among those who like to take the non-controversial route. The treating homeopath first carries out a careful examination by analysing the patient’s symptoms, emotional state and life circumstances. This helps him/her treat the “person” and “not just the physical ailment”. By seeing hair loss in a holistic sense, the doctor will aim at addressing the concern by tackling the emotional and physiological symptoms.

Homeopathic practitioners believe that hair fall is both preventable and curable. If a patient initiates remedial action early and seeks medical intervention at the very instant the symptoms are first evident, further hair loss may be delayed, prevented and even reversed in some cases. Whether it’s through supplements, application of products or by introducing lifestyle changes, the key idea is to restore healthy hair.

These solutions and medication however, rest on the condition that only timely intervention yields positive results. This means that patients suffering from extreme hair loss or those who have decided to take action far too late might be at a loss. Needless to say, the treatment will be slow to react and visible changes may take time. Plus, the treatment might not work effectively for anyone who’s looking at a more permanent solution. This explains why a hair transplant is being touted as the next best and more reliable option. Without any side effects and need for a hospital stay, a lot of patients are seeing this as an answer. The ready availability of skilled and best Hair Transplant surgeons has further added to its reliability factor. Plus, with a skilled doctor who counsels the patient before, during and after the hair transplant, the procedure can be a breeze.

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