Beard Transplant and Facial Hair Transplant

Lack of facial hair or hair patchiness is a common problem that many men face. The reason can be scarring or some genetic issue. FUE is an excellent technique that is used at Enhance Clinics for hair transplant on the face. Follicular Unit Extraction is a minimally invasive method in which the density of the moustache is restored. The time taken for the procedure is from 3 to 9 hours, depending on the area of treatment.

The procedure involves, taking hair from a stable zone area i.e. from the side or back of the head, the donor area for the moustache, side burns or beard. The follicles of fine hair are taken out through punches, after which, local anaesthesia is given to the patient. In case the person is suffering from hair loss then, hair is taken from the chest. During the hair transplant, the hair is placed at an angle to give a natural look. Patients can see immediate results once the treatment is done.

Beard and facial Hair transplant India

Enhance Clinics is one of the best places where patients can opt for beard transplant India, facial hair transplant India and get satisfactory results. Under the able chairmanship of Dr. Manoj Khanna, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry, patients can be fully assured of the quality of any treatment they undergo at Enhance Clinics.

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