Lesser Known Facts about Aesthetic Surgeries

Cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries appear to be a big-time innovation of the modern-day age. Over a span of time, it has undergone several technological advancements.
To everyone’s surprise, cosmetic surgery has been into existence for much longer than we actually think it to be. The Sushruta-Samhita, a crucial medical text from ancient India dated back to sixth century BC, displays the footprints of the cosmetic developments in India and across the world. The text is accredited to Sushruta and its remarkable contribution in rhinoplasty, i.e. the reformation of the nose. The significance of Sushruta-Samhita lies in its theories connected to medicines, anatomical knowledge, and surgical procedures. Those medical instances still hold true and strong today.
The core idea to present this historical instinct was not to highlight Sushruta’s unconventional knowledge and dexterity but to lay emphasis on the fact that we have been using aesthetic skincare treatments for centuries, and it is been carried out successfully ever since.
Next, it takes us to ponder upon the critical question that why and what prompts people to undergo the knife and opt for cosmetic surgeries?
Without a doubt, the cosmetic industry is soaring high. In recent years, it’s undergone a multi-fold increase. It is specifically due to an unparalleled rise in non-surgical procedures comprising dermal fillers, botox, etc.
As people get closer to a slowdown of aging, it seems that aging is now has become execration to most.
There are two vital reasons as to why someone would shed the inhibition and choose out a surgical procedure; either to conceal illness or accident that infused a sense of disfigurement in the patient or to modestly improve or enhance their visual appearance.
It’s equally substantial for the cosmetic dermatologists to know the reasons well beforehand. First, they need to define if they are capable of extending the desired services, and second, to decide if the selected procedure would offer any benefit or not. As it, some people want their lips or nose to exactly imitate as a particular celebrity, but then it can’t be possible to match every body shape or appearance.
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