Fat Transfer Surgery

Fat Transfer surgery is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat from a particular area of the body and injects it into those parts that lack the required amount of fat. For example, extra fat from parts like outer thighs can be transferred to areas like the hands, buttocks or face etc. The procedure is helpful for those whose face is shrunken and for those people who wish to attain a perfectly contoured body.

Patients are required to stop smoking 6 weeks before undergoing the procedure and keep themselves hydrated for a successful surgery. Also, intake of aspirins or vitamin supplements should be avoided.

Facial fat transfer, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, hand rejuvenation, buttock augmentation and breast implants are the results that can be achieved through the Fat Transfer Surgery. The process will result in an enhanced appearance of the body. Performed by highly-skilled surgeons, the process is safe and gives lasting and natural results.

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