Eyebrow Hair Transplants India

Eyebrows define a girl’s beauty as they make a face look attractive, but many people suffer from the problem of short eyebrow hair or insufficient hair. This lowers their confidence and makes them feel awkward about themselves. Hence, hair transplant is the best option that people can choose in order to get fuller and beautiful eyebrows. The expertise of the entire team of doctors at Enhance helps in delivering the best results.

FUE i.e. Follicular Unit Extraction is the oft-used technique for hair transplant. In this procedure, hair is transplanted in the empty or thinned area of eyebrows. The transplanted hair is permanent and the procedure comes with the guarantee of no hair loss once the treatment is done. The hair develops like a natural strand of hair hence threading or shaping can be done easily.

During the Eyebrow Hair Transplantation treatment, local anaesthesia is used and patients can go back home after the surgery. A single transplant session and on the basis of the area covered, the procedure might take 2 to 4 hours. 700 to 800 follicles are required in a single session. Eyebrow transplantation enhances the density of eyebrows and it does not have any side effect on the patient. Once the surgery is over, patients can continue with their daily routine.

Eyebrow Hair Transplants India

With the proficiency of Dr. Manoj Khanna, who is a popular cosmetic, plastic and hair transplant surgeons in the country, and other highly-qualified doctors, the surgeries offered at Enhance Clinics leave patients satisfied with the optimal results.

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