Which is the Most Suitable Breast Implant for Breast Augmentation Procedure?

As beauty is ever-evolving, its definition and the outlook toward it keep on changing. Now people are available with several new and innovative procedures to achieve the kind of physical beauty they wish for. One such innovative procedure is augmentation or enlargement surgeries of the breast.
With the all-new technological revolution, a lot of surgical treatments are being used and improvised every day. To cite an example, you can now implant excess body fat from other parts of your body and get it infused on your breasts or any other body part, instead of (an earlier process of) implanting foreign material into your body.
This article is going to acquaint you with different kinds of implants you can count upon while undergoing Breast Enlargement Surgery in Kolkata or any part of the nation.
Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is aimed at transforming your physical appearance. It is quite a rage among women in today’s world who have become more conscious toward a presentable and impressive body figure.
Breast enhancement surgery is carried with one of the most readily available option, i.e. to get an implant. According to the Founder and Chairman, Enhance Clinics Globally renowned Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Manoj Khanna, it is quite important to be sure about which kind of implant you should go for. There are two types – silicone and saline implant. Both procedures offer different features.
A silicone implant is not an everlasting thing, thus, in some point of life, it needs to be removed. Usually, it gets worn out over a specific period of time. Yes, it is an artificial material, available in pouch-shape, designed to get fit in a woman’s breast. It’s packed with a gel-like product, which is when implanted into a woman’s breast gives it a natural look. The average time that a woman can last this kind of implant is around 20 years.
Whereas a saline breast implant includes the use of sterile salt-water, this is normally filled into breast-shaped pouches via a valve. Yes, sterile water is poured after inserting an empty pouch. This type of implant last approximately 10 years.
Dr. Manoj Khanna is an experienced and accomplished plastic surgeon who has performed over four thousand cosmetic treatments. You can seek his guidance and support through the entire process of surgery while providing top-notch services.

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