Are you suffering from Gynecomastia, an Enlargement of Breast Tissue in Males?

The hormonal imbalance in the male body usually leads to a common phenomenon of Gynecomastia. Also, it is specifically due to a rise in estrogens (female hormones) rather than androgens (male hormones). It can be found in men and boys at any stage of development and sometimes in connection with particular medical conditions. It, atypically, refers to inflated glandular tissue rather than fat tissue. In the breast area, the fat tissue present is termed as pseudo gynecomastia.
Gynecomastia can be caused due to several rounds of medications, diseases, and health conditions. For instance, drugs like corticosteroids, opioids, excessive antibiotics, anti-anxiety drugs may lead to the emergence of the ailment. It is also associated with conditions and treatment for obesity, puberty, cirrhosis, testosterone, malnutrition, kidney failure, and much more. In addition to it, lavender oil and tea tree oil also contribute to the spread of the disease.
The foremost and primary symptom of gynecomastia is enlarged male breasts, sometimes coupled with firm nipples, sensitivity, tenderness, etc. but overall the condition is pain-free.
Usually, it is stated that this kind of medical situation resolves of its own within a span of six months. If it fails to happen, you must see a doctor.
In general view, gynecomastia surfaces from a hormonal imbalance in the body. All normal human bodies comprise both male and female hormones to a possible extent. Gynecomastia occurs when male hormones are lesser in number when compared to female hormones.
There are many people who are suffering from gynecomastia. They often become the butt of jokes that leads to hampering their morale and confidence. Thus, it hits them psychologically. Especially, teen-aged boys and young lads suffered its mar the most. It happens to more than 45 percent of men as per a survey, and those men try evading their breasts from others by wearing oversized shirts or so.
Men now have become more aware and look for a lasting solution to treat over-sized breasts. There are some effective surgical treatments. It corrects, refines, and emphasizes muscle appearance. According to the renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Manoj Khanna, surgery is one of the most reliable techniques to treat gynecomastia. The cure is permanent and is done under local anaesthesia with the patient goes home immediately after the operation.
It produces instant results in a single procedure. With no risk involved, it offers no pain or discomfort. It assists to contract and tighten the skin to firm and shape up the body.
So, if you’re suffering from any such condition, don’t feel bad, avail the best treatment and live happily ever after.

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