Best Cosmetic Surgery in Kolkata

Cosmetic Surgeries on the Boom!
Body positivity, fat activism, appearance, and size acceptance have now become an integral part of the cultural lexicon, yet cosmetic procedures are notching up the trends with every passing year. Earlier it was a common-day surgery across overseas only, but now India is no behind to join the bandwagon.
The number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures has increased manifold over the past few years. They pursue a cosmetic surgery to smooth, enhance, shrink, or tuck a feature of their appearances. As per experts, such treatment is easier — mentally, physically, and financially.
An evident rise in new trends includes body-contouring procedures, with a spike in non-invasive fat reduction as well as surgeries comprising hair transplant, liposuction, and breast augmentations.
Peep into some of the most common kinds of cosmetic surgeries wide prevalent in India.
 Liposuction:
It continues to be the cynosure in body contouring treatments due to its immense versatility and efficiency. It helps to reshape problem areas. It provides more consistent and result-oriented solutions. Novel non-surgical fat reduction techniques continue to emerge and play an eminent role in reforming and enhancing the beauty of different body parts.
 Breast Augmentation:
Another high on-demand cosmetic treatment involves breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty where women get breast implants or fat transfer to enhance the breast size. This procedure can also sometimes restore breast size lost after pregnancy or weight reduction. It aids to improve natural breast size unevenness.
 Hair Transplant:
Mostly men, but sometimes women also experience hair loss. This condition usually happens due to genetic disorders. Commonly referred to hair replacement procedure, it involves removing small strands of hair-bearing scalp grafts from a donor and repositioning them to a bald or thinning area of the scalp. If you’re looking for Best Cosmetic Surgery in Kolkata, contact Dr. Manoj Khanna. Backed with immense experience, he is the expert in the field of cosmetic surgery.
 Cheek Augmentation:
With growing age, skin tends to get lose. This procedure aims to give the patient with more prominent and fuller cheekbones. Usually, implants are placed above the cheekbones. Lifted cheeks provide a younger and subtle look to the otherwise skinny or aged-looking face.
Plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments are soaring high in demand and one of the strongest reasons for it is the powerful effects of media exposure. People now have become more conscious about their appearance and physical traits.
Don’t forget cosmetic surgeries are done to improve a person’s outlook, but it must be approached with concern!

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